Documents Format
Documentation Requirements - Guidelines for Meeting Organizers Word (44 KB)
Annex 1 - Cover Template Word (158 KB)
Annex 2 - Document Classification List Template Word (172 KB)
Annex 3 - Participant List Template Word (278 KB)
Annex 4 - Document Reproduction Request Form (DRRF) Template Word (38 KB)
Annex 5 - Participant Registration Form Template Word (30 KB)
Implementation of the Document Access Policy Word (32.5 KB)
Individual Action Plans Format
Bogor Goals Progress Report Guidelines (Appendix 1 - 2011 CTI Annual Report to Ministers) PDF (153 KB)
Lead Shepherds Format
Revised Guidelines for Lead Shepherd/Chair and Deputy Lead Shepherd/Chair of APEC Working Groups and SOM Task Forces Word (721 KB)
Logo and Copyright Format
APEC Logo Guidelines (Updated January 2013) PDF (7 MB)
Use of APEC Trade Marks by Journalists and Press Agencies PDF (17 KB)
APEC Intellectual Property Policy PDF (280 KB)
Meetings Format
Guidelines for Hosting APEC Meetings PDF (312 KB)
APEC Meetings Communications Guidelines PDF (680 KB)
Member and Non-Member Participation Format
APEC Guidelines on Managing Cooperation with Non-Members PDF (203 KB)
APEC Ministerial Statement on Membership


(Approved by the 9th APEC Ministerial Meeting, Nov 1997)


APEC Ministerial Decisions on Non-Member Participation (Nov 1997)
PDF (10 KB) 




PDF (7 KB)
Decision by APEC Economic Leaders on APEC Membership (Vancouver, Canada, Nov 1997) PDF (7 KB)
Projects Format
See APEC Projects - Forms and Resources  
Publications Format
APEC Logo Guidelines (Updated January 2013) PDF (7 MB)
APEC Tagline Guide (Approved by SOM, September 2009) PDF (2.0 MB)
APEC Publications Guidelines (Approved by BMC in October 2009, updated October 2016) PDF (1010 KB)
APEC Publication Number and Request for ISBN Application Form Word (130 KB)
Sponsorship Format
APEC Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines (Approved by SOM, September 2010) PDF (152 KB)
Website Format
APEC Websites Guidelines (September 2013) PDF (1700 KB)
APEC Satellite Website Review Request Form Word (108 KB)
Usage of APEC Photos PDF (146 KB)
Social Media Format
APEC Social Media Guidelines (March 2013) PDF (499 KB)


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