APEC has developed model measures for RTAs and FTAs to encourage a coherent and consistent approach to the design and content of such agreements. The model chapters for Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures were endorsed by the Ministers Responsible for Trade in 2007. The model measures are indicative examples to provide members with a useful reference when negotiating RTA/FTA chapters.

The CTI, its sub-fora and industry dialogues have undertaken ROO-related activities to promote greater convergence on these issues. Namely the Automotive Dialogue (AD), the Chemical Dialogue (CD), and the Market Access Group (MAG) together with the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) have been working to minimise the impact of the 'spaghetti bowl' effect of FTAs/RTAs in the region. This work focused on the harmonisation of ROO in diverse agreements; the cumulation of inputs amongst mutual trading partners; and the simplification of documents and procedures.

Related projects completed include:

The Senior Officials' Policy Dialogue on "Identifying Convergences and Divergences in APEC's RTAs/FTAs," was held in Arequipa, Peru in 2008. It focused on the findings of a study led by Peru with cooperation from the Inter-American Bank. The study looked into the differences and similarities in 30 RTAs/FTAs concluded by APEC members, including ROO.

A "Joint CTI-MAG Trade Policy Dialogue on Rules of Origin" (the TPD) was held on 21 May 2009 in Singapore. The objectives of the TPD were to raise awareness of harmonisation, cumulation and simplification issues pertaining to possible initiatives the CTI could undertake to help businesses better tap into the benefits FTAs within APEC. The TPD also invited industry representatives including ABAC to the TPD to learn their views on different ROO approaches.

An APEC Transparency Initiative on Tariffs and ROOs to improve the transparency and accessibility of tariffs and ROO information in APEC economies was endorsed. The initiative (led by the MAG) involves the provision of up-to-date and accurate tariff and ROOs information in English on a designated public website in each member economy. An APEC webpage on Tariffs and ROOs ("WebTR") was created to consolidate links to the individual members' sites in June 2010. The complete WebTR portal was launched at the 22nd APEC Ministerial Meeting (AMM) in November 2010.