Greater inclusion of women is a worthy investment for the future that is crucial in expanding prosperity in the region. Women’s active participation in all levels of economic activities—including decision-making, leadership, and governance—will result in favorable and inclusive business and economic environment, which are essentials in achieving sustainable growth.

In the APEC 2014 WEF Statement, all APEC economies are encouraged to work toward defining and establishing measurable and aspirational voluntary goals that include mainstreaming women’s roles in leadership and representation in decision-making, in both public and private sectors. APEC economies are encouraged to adopt these initiatives by end of 2020.

Recognizing that increasing the participation of women in economic activities will serve as catalyst to economic growth, a project is underway to help encourage APEC economies promote women’s participation in the economy. The project particularly focuses on leadership, decision making, and management, while taking into account the individual economic and social circumstances of each economy.


  • Develop the Individual Action Plan as a mechanism for measurable and aspirational voluntary goals of women’s representation in leadership, which economies could work toward by the end of 2020. In the IAP, each economy is encouraged to set a voluntary target based on their indicators and definitions;
  • Report the progress to PPWE, WEF and APEC Ministers and Leaders in 2017 and 2021; and
  • Enhance women’s participation in the economy particularly focusing on leadership, decision making, and management.

Individual Action Plans for Enhancement of the Ratio of Women's Representation in Leadership
Economy 2015 2016 2017
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For more details please find the TOR for the project: Click to Download.