APEC at a Glance:

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Globalization: The Good, the Bad, and the Role of Policy
The APEC Regional Trends Analysis of the APEC Policy Support Unit examines global economic momentum, and puts a spotlight on globalization, which needs to go hand-in-hand with complementary policies to ensure exclusiveness and sustainability.
The Bogor Goals
December 2016: APEC's agenda is led by the Bogor Goals, of free and open trade area in the Asia Pacific region by 2020. This infographic shows the progress made by member economies in an assessment finalized in 2016.
APEC Ease of Doing Business
November 2016: APEC's The Ease of Doing Business underwent an assessment in 2016. This infographic sums up the successes of the initiative across the region.
APEC: Our Environment
APEC: Our Environment June 2015 - APEC is charting new pathways for sustainable development
APEC Connectivity Blueprint
APECConnectivityBlueprint June 2015 - This interactive infographic highlights APEC's initiatives to connect the region through enhanced physical infrastructure linkages, institutional ties and people-to-people mobility.
APEC in Charts: Moving Toward New Growth Engines
APECinCharts January 2015 - Provides a graphical overview of the APEC region’s economic, trade, investment and policy related performance.
APEC at 25 Years: Advancing Free Trade for Asia-Pacific Prosperity
APEC@25 March 2014 - Highlights APEC's achievements over the past 25 years on the occasion of APEC's 25th Anniversary.
SMEs in the APEC Region
EaseofBusiness May 2014 - Highlights the role of SME to help drive economic growth and activity in the APEC region.
Reducing Costs for Importers & Exporters
ImportExport January 2014 - Illustrates how APEC is helping to reduce costs for importers and exporters across the border, at the border and behind the border.
Making it Easier to Do Business
EaseofBusiness January 2014 - How APEC is improving the business climate by bringing down costs and time to do business.
APEC Environmental Goods List
Promote Environmental Goods January 2014 - Highlights APEC's landmark agreement on an Environmental Goods List to promote trade in environmental goods in the region.