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Asia Pacific Business Leaders to Urge APEC to Intensify Work to Realize the FTAAP
Seattle, United States, 11 Jul 2014

Asia Pacific business leaders have expressed concern that, unless APEC stays committed to meeting the Bogor Goals of free and open trade by 2020, accelerate infrastructure development and promote innovation, the growth and prosperity ambitions they share in the region would not be realized.

Funds passport to create 170K jobs, save USD20 bln: study
Seattle, United States, 10 Jul 2014

The implementation of a multilateral framework that facilitates the cross-border marketing of managed funds across participating Asia-Pacific economies is likely to create a significant number of new jobs and channel more of the region’s savings into investments that promote economic growth and prosperity, at lower cost.

APEC Ministers Responsible for Mining issue Joint Statement
Beijing, China, 28 Jun 2014

Emphasis is on accelerating the sector’s transformation and upgrading, and the pursuit of a modernized development path to improve its social, environmental, and economic benefits.

APEC strengthening mining sustainability
Beijing, China, 27 Jun 2014

Ministers Responsible for Mining are in pursuit of greater industry sustainability needed to satisfy long-term demand for metal and mineral resources and achieve higher quality growth across the Asia-Pacific.

APEC turning to ICT to support aging populations
Singapore, Singapore, 19 Jun 2014

Better information and communications technology access and service delivery is needed to boost living standards and innovative growth as populations age within the Asia-Pacific and increase pressure on shrinking workforces and budgets.

Important role for APEC to support developing economies: UNDP’s Clark
Singapore, 5 Jun 2014

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said that trade facilitation and capacity building are essential to enable developing economies to take part in the integrated global economy.

On the occasion of APEC’s 25th anniversary, Ms Clark discussed her involvement with APEC and highlighted key issues to address moving forward.

APEC Minsters issue statement on advancing gender equality
Beijing, China, 26 May 2014

APEC Ministers concluded the APEC Women and the Economy Forum on Friday in Beijing by issuing a statement on advancing gender equality and greater economic empowerment for women in the Asia-Pacific.

Empowering women for Asia-Pacific prosperity
Beijing, China, 23 May 2014

The development of innovative, trade-boosting technologies are opening the door to greater empowerment of women in the economy and more inclusive and robust growth in the Asia-Pacific.


APEC Trade Ministers adopt Qingdao Statement
Qingdao, China, 18 May 2014

APEC Trade Ministers concluded their two-day meeting by issuing a Qingdao Statement describing actions for improving trade and economic growth across the Asia-Pacific.

APEC key to global trade progress
Qingdao, China, 18 May 2014

International trade is gradually improving and there is renewed energy in the multilateral trading system, but sustained efforts are needed to boost trade flows to desired levels and put the world economy on a path to more robust growth and prosperity.

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