In preparation for the APEC Leaders' Meeting on 26-27 October, the APEC Secretariat has completed a report on the implementation of counter-terrorism measures during 2002 by all members of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.
Under the title "APEC Secretariat Final Report on Implementation of the Leaders' Statement on Counter-terrorism," the report details efforts made by all 21 APEC member economies to achieve the objectives laid out by APEC Leaders during their 2001 meeting held in Shanghai.
Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat, Ambassador Alejandro de la Peña, said the Counter-terrorism Implementation Report is part of a concrete response to a critical issue for the Asia-Pacific region.
"At APEC we have set the twin goals of enhancing security against terrorist threats together with the continued facilitation of the movement of goods, capital and people within the region," said Ambassador de la Peña.
The framework of APEC cooperation provides a strong basis from which to achieve our twin goals.
The recent terrorist bombing in Bali, the September-11 attacks and other terrorist incidents are a direct challenge to the APEC's vision of free, open and prosperous economies.
Last year the Leaders of APEC economies vowed to strengthen international cooperation to combat terrorism.
Then earlier this year Telecommunications Ministers from APEC economies endorsed a programme of action to combat the use of information and communications systems for terrorist and criminal activities as part of the APEC Cyber Security Strategy.
At the APEC Finance Ministers' meeting in Mexico an action plan on 'Combating the Financing of Terrorism' was adopted to counter the networks that fund terrorist activities.
"Now the APEC counter-terrorism implementation report further outlines the steps taken by APEC fora and each member economy in combating terrorist networks and protecting the economic security of our region."
The APEC report on implementation of the Leaders' Statement on Counter-terrorism outlines six specific areas in which member economies have pledged to intensify counter-terrorism measures:
  • Suppression of Terrorist Financing
  • Enhanced Aviation and Maritime Safety
  • Energy Security
  • Telecommunications, Information and Other Critical Sector Protection
  • Customs Procedures
  • Border Security
Full copies of the "APEC Secretariat Final Report on Implementation of the Leaders' Statement on Counter-terrorism" will be available at the Los Cabos Meetings or may be obtained from the APEC Secretariat in Singapore.