Los Cabos, Mexico - One year after the Leaders of APEC's 21 member economies issued the "Leaders' Statement on Counter-terrorism" in Shanghai, APEC leaders meeting in Los Cabos, Mexico have today released the following statements:
1. APEC Leaders' Statement On Recent Acts Of Terrorism In APEC Member Economies
2. APEC Leaders' Statement On Fighting Terrorism And Promoting Growth
These statements address the dangers posed by terrorism to the Asia-Pacific region and outline the twin APEC goals of enhancing security against terrorist threats while ensuring trade growth in the Asia-Pacific region.
These reports feature a number of issues pertinent to the future economic security of the Asia-Pacific region including:
1. APEC Leaders' Statement On Recent Acts Of Terrorism In APEC Member Economies
Reaffirming the APEC Leaders Statement on Counter-Terrorism adopted in Shanghai, 21 October 2001, Leaders acknowledged the need to immediately combat by all means, threats to international peace, security and economic sustainability of the region caused by terrorist acts.
The declaration includes:
  • Recognition of the threats posed by terrorist activities and reaffirmation of support for regional counter-terrorism efforts.
  • Condemnation of recent terrorist acts in the APEC region, especially in Indonesia, the Philippines and the Russian Federation.
  • Expression of deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims and their families and to the Peoples and the Governments of Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines, and the Russian Federation and other economies.
  • Commendation of the determination by the Governments of Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Russian Federation to bring terrorists to justice.
  • Welcoming the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 1440, 1438 and 1373.
  • Encouraging joint efforts of APEC economies in mitigating the adverse impact of terrorist attacks in the affected economies.
2. APEC Leaders' Statement On Fighting Terrorism And Promoting Growth
  • Enhancing Secure Trade in the APEC Region (STAR) Initiative
    The STAR initiative will provide a forum for promoting the implementation of measures proposed by international organizations committed to countering terrorism and promoting economic development. Leaders have agreed to work together to secure the flow of goods and people through measures to protect cargo, ships engaged in international voyages, international aviation and people in transit.
  • Halting Terrorist Financing
    Following from the approach adopted by Finance Ministers in September, APEC Leaders have agreed to enhance practical efforts to prevent terrorists and their organizations from transferring and accessing funding. These measures include fully implementing U.N. and other international instruments, promoting better monitoring of alternative remittance systems and non-profit organizations and enhancing law enforcement and regulatory capabilities.
  • Promoting Cyber Security
    With citizens of APEC economies accounting for over half of the world's Internet users, APEC Leaders have agreed to commit to endeavor to enact comprehensive cybercrime laws and develop closer law enforcement communication and cooperation.
  • Implementation and Capacity Building
    Leaders commit to work cooperatively to build capacity throughout the region so that all economies can benefit from the resulting gains in security and prosperity. This will include building on the considerable counter-terrorism-related training and other assistance already being undertaken in the APEC region.