The APEC Counter Terrorism Task Force (CTTF) has prepared a series of guidelines for businesses of all sizes to strengthen the security of their supply chains.
TheĀ "APEC Private Sector Supply Chain Security Guidelines" provide a series of straightforward measures that firms can use to improve the security of their operations.
The guidelines cover areas such as the physical security of business premises, personnel security, education and training programs, document processing security, and crisis management and disaster recovery procedures.
Chairman of the Counter Terrorism task Force, Ambassador Makarim Wibisono, said it is important that all business managers in the APEC region are aware of procedures and measures that can be taken to maintain preparedness against terrorist or criminal threats.
"The guidelines we have developed are simple, uncomplicated and can be applied to most business environments," Ambassador Wibisono said.
"Private sector firms and industry trade associations can use the APEC recommendations to evaluate the security of their supply chain processes."
Ambassador Wibisono said the guidelines have been prepared in consultation with the private sector and customs authorities and are intended to be "business friendly."
"In preparing the guidelines, the APEC Counter Terrorism Task Force took note of the recent APEC Customs-Business Dialogue that called for measures relating to increased supply chain security to be uncomplicated and business friendly.
"The primary concern from a security perspective is protecting business activities in APEC Economies from being compromised by terrorists, criminals or anyone else attempting to disrupt trade in the region.
"These guidelines have been developed through recommendations from the World Customs Organization, the Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition, the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, and from private sector experts within various APEC economies."
TheĀ APEC Private Sector Supply Chain Security Guidelines were originally presented to APEC Senior Officials at their recent meeting in Phuket, Thailand, and are now available to the business community.