Energy Ministers from APEC Member Economies will meet in Manila on June 10 to address essential issues for the energy industry including initiatives to protect the sector from terrorist attack.
This will be the sixth meeting of APEC Energy Ministers and will follow on from the last meeting in Mexico City in 2002.
At this meeting one of the most important issues on the agenda for Ministers is the APEC Energy Security Initiative (ESI). To be implemented by APEC Member Economies, the APEC Energy Security Initiative comprises a range of measures being developed to protect energy supplies from disruption. This includes short-term disruptions caused by natural and man-made events and long term policy supply issues.
The APEC Energy Security Initiative was first endorsed by APEC Leaders in Shanghai in 2001. At their meeting in Bangkok in October 2003, APEC Leaders agreed to "accelerate the implementation of the ESI by endorsing its Implementation Plan and, as appropriate, a new Action Plan to enhance regional and global energy security".
Other issues to be addressed by APEC Energy Ministers include:
  • The APEC region's energy outlook
  • Responses to regional energy security challenges
  • Facilitating energy investment
  • Increasing energy efficiency and the range of energy choices
  • Technical innovation in the energy sector