Sharing modern technology to increase agricultural production, farm incomes, and rural well-being in member economies is the focus of an APEC Working Group Meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from June 15 to 18.
The 8th Plenary Meeting of theĀ APEC Agricultural Technical Cooperation Work Group (ATCWG) will bring together government agricultural officials, scientists and experts for a series of sessions aimed at strengthening agricultural technical cooperation.
Chair of the Meeting and Director of the Korea Rural Economic Institute, Dr. Se-Ik OH, said the meeting will progress work in seven priority areas and approve the ATCWG's ongoing work plan.
The seven priority areas being discussed at the meeting are:
  • Conservation and Utilization of Plant and Animal Genetic Resources
  • Research, Development and the Extension of Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Production, Processing, Marketing, Distribution and Consumption of Agricultural Products
  • Plant and Animal Quarantine and Pest Management
  • Cooperative Development of an Agricultural Finance System
  • Agricultural Technology Transfer and Training
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues
Besides these items, the Group is set to discuss the APEC Food System, Quality Assessment Frameworks for project proposals, cooperation with the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG) to implement electronic SPS certification and a High-level Policy Dialogue on Agriculture.