e-Security is one of the key issues on the agenda for government and private sector telecommunications and information technologies experts currently meeting in Singapore.
The 30th APEC Telecommunications and Information Technologies Working Group (APEC TEL) Meeting is taking place at the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre this week until September 24.
APEC TEL Chair, Ms. Salma Jalife, said the meeting is an opportunity for delegates from around the region to enhance cross-border cooperation on international telecommunications and information technology issues.
"Protecting networks, safeguarding online transactions and strengthening wireless security are major issues for business and government as we work towards achieving a regional Information Society," Ms. Jalife said at the meeting.
"The only way we can ensure a secure environment is if APEC Member Economies work together to develop common standards and solutions. In this respect, it is essential to engage in capacity building efforts providing practical tools to address users concerns including those of the small and medium enterprises."
Ms. Jalife said the ongoing interaction between business, academic and government representatives at the meeting is bringing about greater clarity of joint cooperation required for a fully liberalized telecommunications sector in the region.
"The agenda for APEC TEL 30 includes several steering group meetings and workshops," Ms. Jalife said.
"One of the main aims at the meeting is to promote the deployment of advanced, secure and reliable telecommunications and information infrastructure. This includes looking at options to improving access to broadband services for rural and underserved urban areas."
"There is also a high level of interest in expanding efforts to develop principles for the application of standards and regulatory arrangements."
The APEC TEL has been meeting since 1990 to develop and implement common action plans and initiatives to strengthen regional information and communications infrastructures. APEC TEL gives special attention to sharing telecommunications and information technology related skills so as to increase employment opportunities in the digital economy.
The activities of the APEC TEL contribute to the central APEC goals of liberalizing trade and in investment in the Asia-Pacific by 2010 for industrialized economies and 2020 for developing economies.