The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has presented a picture of cautious optimism for the tourism industry in their presentation to Tourism Ministers from APEC Member Economies meeting in Punta Arenas, Chile today.
In its presentation on their Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) the WTTC President, Jean-Claude Baumgarten, said the industry has weathered the "perfect storm of terrorism, war and health concerns that created a disproportionate toll of concern and impact on our consumers, the industry and our economy".
Mr. Baumgarten was invited to brief 3rd APEC Tourism Ministers' Meeting at the invitation of Chile's Minister of Economy and Energy, Jorge Rodriguez Grossi, who chaired the meeting.
WTTC is forecasting that the Travel & Tourism industry is poised for a robust recovery in 2004, and the worldwide industry is expected to generate:
  • US$ 5,490.4 billion of economic activity
  • 10.4 per cent of total GDP
  • 214,697,000 jobs or 8.1 per cent of total employment
  • 12.2 per cent of total exports

Mr. Baumgarten also presented Ministers with a new ranking and scale for Travel & Tourism output in each of the APEC Member Economies. Mr. Baumgarten highlighted "The massive Travel & Tourism demand in the USA at nearly US$1.5 trillion in 2004, followed by Japan at almost US$500 billion.

He continued, "China is also beginning to show its true potential, now ranking at number 8 of 174 countries at nearly US$250 billion in 2004," Mr. Baumgarten said.

"We believe that China will become a tourism economy like the world has never seen. However, the Chinese Government needs to prepare the groundwork for new consumer demand, by facilitating the development of transportation networks, infrastructure, tourism destinations, and a favourable policy environment."

The APEC Travel & Tourism Economies
Travel & Tourism Demand 2004
US$ Millions

World Rank Country      US$ Millions 
USA  1,460,000 
2 Japan  470,940 
China  222,851 
Canada  150,961
10  Australia  94,033 
12 Mexico 73,345
13 Korea 69,940
15 Russia 67,655
20 Hong Kong, China 43,562
27 Indonesia 30,301
28 Thailand 29,357
29 Chinese Taipei 26,066
33 Malaysia 24,311
35 Singapore 21,598
41 New Zealand 14,990
48 Philippines 10,136
54 Chile 7,160
56 Peru 6,650
58 Viet Nam 6,029
121 PNG 860

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Mr. Baumgarten also spoke about WTTC's long-term forecast for growth in the APEC economies. The forecast showed Travel & Tourism to be growing fastest in China, Viet Nam, Chinese Taipei, Mexico and Indonesia. With two APEC Economies in WTTC's top ten list, China at number three and Viet Nam at number four, Mr. Baumgarten declared this "an extraordinary vote of confidence from WTTC and its research partner Oxford Economics".

He added, "Although the outlook is particularly positive for many of the APEC economies, we must strengthen our efforts to move Travel & Tourism up the priority ladder and secure our industry against political complacency, terrorism and health concerns so it can fulfil the promise of job creation that the APEC economies seek."

The APEC Travel & Tourism Economies
Travel & Tourism Demand 2005-2014
Annualized Percent Growth

World Rank Country      Annl Pct Growth 
China 8.7
4 Viet Nam  8.3 
12  Chinese Taipei 7.3 
13  Mexico 7.1
14  Indonesia 7.1 
21 Russia 6.8
24 Hong Kong, China 6.7
28 Singapore 6.6
43 Korea 6.0
48 Malaysia 5.9
53 Thailand 5.8
59 Philippines 5.7
68 Chile 5.5
76 Australia 5.3
109 Peru 4.5
111 PNG 4.5
120 New Zealand  4.3
124 Canada 4.2
129 USA 4.1

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Mr. Baumgarten also briefed Ministers the WTTC's call to action for growth, the Blueprint for New Tourism, which declares Travel & Tourism as a partnership. The Blueprint is intended as a course of action designed to deliver consistent results that match the needs of economies, local and regional authorities and local communities. The premise behind the Blueprint for New Tourism is based on:

  • Governments recognizing Travel & Tourism as a top priority
  • Business balancing economics with people, culture and environment
  • A shared pursuit of long-term growth and prosperity

The 3rd APEC Tourism Ministers' Meeting was held in Punta Arenas, Chile, on October 13-14. Further information about the meeting and the Patagonia Declaration on Tourism in the APEC Region that was endorsed by Ministers is now available.