Peru's Minister of Transportations and Communications, José Ortiz Rivera, expects the upcoming APEC Telecommunications Minister's Meeting to make major steps forward in bridging the digital divide in the Asia-Pacific.
The 6th APEC Ministerial Meeting on the Telecommunications and Information Industry will take place in Lima, Peru, on June 1 to June 3.
The theme, as identified by the Host Economy Peru, is "Enabling Digital Opportunities: Harnessing Infrastructures to Advance the Information Society."
Mr. Ortiz said the meeting will conclude with ministers delivering a joint declaration and a separate action plan for improving infrastructure and access to modern telecommunications in the region.
"Access to modern technologies must be universal," Mr Ortiz said.
"No longer should participation in the digital economy be restricted to cities, but people in the far away towns and villages should also be able to share in the benefits.
"Communications technology has reduced distance between the people of the world. What is needed now is for our region to ensure the distance that still remains can be crossed.
"At the Sixth Telecommunications Ministerial meeting I hope we are able to set a clearer path to enable universal access to the digital economy."
Mr Ortiz said this is significant to showcase telecommunications advances in Latin America, in what the Peruvian Government has declared as the 'Year of the Infrastructure for the Integration.'
"I look forward to promoting the advances in the telecommunications sector that are underway in Peru and around Latin America," Mr Ortiz said.
"From our perspective, the Peruvian Government has been proactive in strengthening telecommunications infrastructure to further enhance the economic growth that Peru is experiencing.
"By inviting ministers and their delegations from around the APEC Region to Lima we will also have an opportunity to showcase the vibrant culture and history of Peru."
The ministerial meeting will begin with an industry dialogue on the role of both the public and private sectors in expanding telecommunications infrastructure to create a more inclusive information society.
Then in formal discussions ministers will share experiences from their economies and propose future regional action on a range of issues.
These include strengthening human capacity and skill levels, developing effective communications policy, advancing communications infrastructure, improving security and looking at ways to establish methods for alleviating disasters and enhancing relief operations.