Electrical goods exporters and government regulators are expected to benefit from a new APEC website that collates technical standards for electrical appliances used around the world.
A Global Standards and Labeling Database has been launched by APEC and the Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP), an international non-profit organization working on energy standards and labeling.
The new, internet-based database should prove a useful resource for suppliers, experts, and regulators in APEC economies, since it will allow them to search data on standards and programs in more than 50 countries internationally.
The database was made possible through a unique sponsorship agreement between theĀ APEC Energy Working Group and CLASP after each had maintained independent information for several years.
Under the new agreement CLASP worked with APEC to develop an enhanced and unified international database that allows users to search data on energy standards and labeling programs in more than 50 economies worldwide.
The APEC ESIS web site team, which gathers and updates data from APEC economies and coordinates an APEC-wide Standards Notification Procedure, is funded by voluntary contributions from Chinese Taipei, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America.
In this novel partnership APEC is contributing to international efforts to coordinate action on energy efficiency standards and regulations. As international trade in energy-using products increases, it is seen as important in the APEC process to work to align test procedures and performance standards. This approach is anticipated to lay the foundation for greater energy efficiency and enhance trade of energy-efficient products. This unique new information system developed between APEC and CLASP will strengthen this effort.
The global database can be accessed online from either the APEC-ESIS web site (www.apec-esis.org) or the CLASP web site (www.clasponline.org).