The full implementation of APEC's Privacy Framework for protecting personal information in cyberspace moved a step closer this week with an APEC Seminar focusing on the international aspects of the program.
The 'Second Seminar to Implement the International Component of the APEC Privacy Framework' was hosted by the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG), on September 5-6 in Gyeongju, and was attended by more than 50 delegates from the private and public sectors.
ECSG Chair, Mr. Jesus Orta Martinez said the seminar identified ways that the framework presented opportunities to maximise the benefits for both commerce and privacy.
"The seminar looked at how effective APEC privacy measures can improve international data flows to benefit trade," Mr Orta said.
"New privacy measures not only protect personal information but they bring with them more efficient procedures that remove obstacles to trade.
"The APEC Privacy Framework plus good business practices can lead to a trustworthy environment for consumers and new business opportunities for traders."
The Seminar highlighted the importance of business remaining accountable for the personal information they hold, including when data is moved between economies. Future work will focus on mechanisms to put in place effective governance arrangements and on providing effective remedies. This work will also reach out to those economies that are developing privacy frameworks, to regulators and to international business to offer assistance based on the APEC Privacy Framework.
Agreed by Ministers in Santiago, Chile, in 2004, theĀ APEC Privacy Framework is intended to enhance the benefits provided by modern information and communications technologies.
The Privacy Framework seeks to achieve two main goals:
  • To develop appropriate privacy protections for personal information; and
  • To prevent the creation of unnecessary barriers to information flows.
The seminar in Gyeongju followed a larger seminar on domestic issues relating to the implementation of the APEC Privacy Framework that was held in Hong Kong in June. Business and consumer representatives played an active part in both seminars.