The new chair of APEC's Counter-Terrorism Task Force has announced that he will be seeking to implement highly targeted and tailor-made counter-terrorism capacity-building initiatives for the region.
This was one of several priorities identified by Ambassador Park Sang-ki as he chaired his first CTTF meeting of his two-year appointment.
Other measures include strengthening cooperation between the CTTF and other APEC working groups as well as international or regional organizations such as the UN, G-8, and ,others and increasing cooperation with the private sector.
Pointing out the consequences of some of the most recent attacks in the region, Ambassador Park noted the important link between security and APEC's work to facilitate the flow of trade and investment in the region.
"As long as the fear of terrorist attacks hinders business confidence and international trade and investment, APEC will be working to minimize this threat," Ambassador Park said.
"The Asia-Pacific region is highly dependent on international trade and investment with millions of people moving across the region by air, sea or land on a daily basis.
"Terrorist attacks not only murder and maim, but also cause serious economic damage that reduces employment and undermines prosperity.
"Ours is a very diverse region with differing approaches from dealing with the terrorist threat.
"At the CTTF it is our role to ensure that coordination on collective counter-terrorism efforts are sufficiently targeted to the local area where it will be delivered."
Ambassador Park said efforts to assist developing economies to strengthen counter-terrorism capacity is an important element for ensuring the success of counter-terrorism work in the region.
"APEC works to identify demands and make efforts to reduce gaps between member economies in countering terrorism.
"Where economies require assistance APEC is able to mobilize some of its own resources or connect the various needs with resources made available from other international organizations.
"In its first four years the CTTF helped APEC Member Economies to achieve a range of notable successes in areas such as securing cargoes, aircraft, sea lanes and port facilities. We hope to build on these in our work over the coming two years."
The CTTF met in Canberra on January19-20.
A webcast of Ambassador Park's opening address to the CTTF Meeting is available for download here: