The Attorney-General Philip Ruddock today welcomed delegates attending the APEC Data Privacy Seminar on the International Implementation of the APEC Privacy Framework.
A news photograph and webcast are available for download and use by the media.
The Seminar allows participants to discuss issues raised by the transfer of personal information in the APEC region. It will focus on the use of Cross-Border Privacy Rules by business to provide certainty to their customers on how their personal information will be protected.
Cross-Border Privacy Rules have been identified as the most appropriate practical mechanism for business and APEC economies to put into place the privacy principles contained in the APEC Privacy Framework.
"What makes the APEC Privacy Framework distinctive is the focus on the practical implementation of consistent privacy protection within a regional context," Mr. Ruddock said
"A key feature of the Framework is the need to maintain accountability in the flow of information among APEC economies and trading partners.
"It is vital for business to have clear and simple ways of complying with basic principles for the protection of people's personal information."
The Attorney-General expressed the viewpoint that the use of Cross-Border Privacy Rules, and the establishment of appropriate enforcement mechanisms, will provide for the protection of personal information.
The Data Privacy Seminar was hosted by the APEC Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG) and held in association with the Senior Officials and related meetings that are taking place in Canberra on January 15-26.
The ECSG promotes electronic commerce by working to create transparent and consistent policy environments in the region. The group also provides a coordinating role for APEC e-commerce activities. The ECSG was established in February 1999.