Projects are a vital part of the APEC process. They help translate the policy directions of APEC Economic Leaders and Ministers into actions and help create tangible benefits for people living in the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC provides funding for around 100 projects each year, with more than USD 16 million available in 2017.

Projects typically include workshops, symposia, publications and research. They are open to participation from all 21 APEC member economies. As well as engaging with public and government sector organisations in member economies, external stakeholder engagement is encouraged.

The way APEC Projects are selected is changing. A new project selection process will be introduced for Project Session 1 in 2018. There will also be a number of changes designed to streamline the management of APEC Projects, and to incorporate the 2015 APEC Capacity Building Policy into many aspects of the project lifecycle.

These changes are captured in the current edition of the Guidebook on APEC Projects, which you are encouraged to review. You can find a copy here along with a one-page summary of edits here .

The Project Management Unit has produced a quick reference guide to the 2018 changes which you can find here.

APEC Project Focus and Themes

Most APEC projects are focused on transferring knowledge and skills between members and building capacity so that each APEC member economy can move closer towards the Bogor Goals of free and open trade and investment. This includes by:

  • Promoting and accelerating regional economic integration,
  • Encouraging economic and technical cooperation,
  • Enhancing human security, and
  • Facilitating a favourable and sustainable business environment.

Information about individual APEC projects that are currently being implemented or have already been completed can be found on the APEC Project Database.

Funding and Implementing APEC Projects

The APEC Secretariat administers two project funding sessions per year. APEC projects are funded from one of a number of project funding accounts and are selected on a competitive basis against established eligibility and scoring criteria. Each APEC project funding source has been allocated to a specified APEC forum for the purposes of eligibility and scoring. The final funding decision is taken by APEC’s Budget and Management Committee, or APEC Senior Officials, if the project is sufficiently large. The APEC Secretariat provides specialist advice on improving project quality and also assists members with implementation. 

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