APEC Guidelines on Standards Infrastructure

1522-CoverpageAPEC Guidelines on Standards Infrastructure
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APEC Guidelines on Standards Infrastructure

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April 2014

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Reports, Manuals

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CTI Sub-Fora & Industry Dialogues Groups, Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance(SCSC)





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This report aims to provide a source of reference on standardization activities within the region, by describing and analyzing the standards infrastructure of the APEC economies, and providing recommendations to achieve greater alignment of national standards infrastructure among the APEC economies. This guideline is an outcome of an almost year long deliberation and data collection with experts in the APEC region, particularly focusing on the 15 participating economies in the APEC-wide survey including Australia; Canada; Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Japan; Republic of Korea; Malaysia; Mexico; New Zealand; Peru; the Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; the United States; and Viet Nam.

Part I - Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part II - Standards Infrastructure Analysis
Chapter 2: Organization
Chapter 3: Budget and Business Model
Chapter 4: Standards Implementation and Dissemination
Chapter 5: Professional (HR) Development
Chapter 6: Standardization Strategy and Performance
Part III - Conclusion
Chapter 7: Guidelines
Chapter 8: Concluding Remarks