Emerging Energy Security Risks in Changing Energy Landscape

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Emerging Energy Security Risks in Changing Energy Landscape

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October 2019

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Energy Working Group(EWG)





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Historically, oil has been the primary focus of discussion surrounding energy security. This is because oil plays a key role in meeting energy demand, and because significant oil production occurs in regions with high geopolitical risk. However, the role of oil has been gradually declining in recent years, as the use of electricity and natural gas increases and renewable energy gains more attention as a means of tackling climate change. The energy security framework of the future will therefore have to evolve as the energy supply and demand structure changes, and this report analyzes the key points of such a change.

The survey aims to gain insight into new forms of energy security in APEC economies based on the various changes currently seen in the energy market. Ultimately, it seeks to propose the possibility of a new approach to increase energy security.